February 20, 2009

Project: The Night has Teeth

These were taken with my digital camera driving home from our first day at the Neurologist's.

Sourcebook: Renaissance Part II

February 9, 2009

Project: RawHide


Here are a few of the photos ive taken over the past couple weeks. at the bottom ill try an put up the updates in order.

Part I: Hey guys, i just thought i'd give you an update on whats going on. I'm sorry i havnt talked to some of you guys yet, but its been a little too stressful here for the past couple days, but i promise to call you guys later. Wiley was hit by a car on Belt Road in front of Fort Reno. Within a couple minutes, we got him to the hospital. The car that hit him didnt stop. He has a ruptured eardrum, his right eye has sunk into his skull because of bruising, and his brain was swelling because of the concussion. He also couldnt stand or move anything below his neck.

We took him to a speciualist in Leesburg yesterday for a full MRI. His neck is broken. Not badly, but they are afraid he could have ripped or torn or stressed the nerves allowing him to move, support himself, stand, and walk. His right side took the most damage, and most of the feeling, as of this moment, isnt there. Reflexes are slow. No operation, just time to see what will happen.

The options as of now are:

a) his nerves repair themselves he can support himself, walk etc. (the best)
b) He regains his front right leg and loses the back
c) He doesnt regain enough of either leg to function in which case...

as of today, the doctor called and siad he had regained a miniscule amount of reflex/feeling on his right side, so there is an equally minsicule more amount of hope. More later/talk to you soon.

Love you guys

Part II: We moved him today from the place in leesburg back to friendship, and then on monday he is going to a physical therapy place where they will slowly work with him. He has continued to show minor improvements, regaining reflexes and voluntary movements slowly, but improving. He still cant stand or even push himself up, but both doctors at the neurology place think that its only a matter of how much time it will take. He's by no means "out of the woods" or whatever, but so far its looking okay. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the love you guys have sent. It means a lot to me. You guys have no idea. More later.


Part III: Hey guys. Im back at college now, but Wiley is continuing with th physical therapy. Hes still out at the place in Springfield and has shown a lot of improvement. He is now walking (with lots of assistance--see picture) and his front right leg is now taking weight and showing mobility. His back right leg is still not doing much. It (according to my dad) is starting to "bicycle" a little, and he therapist says she has lots of hope. He still cant do any of his on his own, including even getting up, but he is going home tomorrow, so maybe things'll start to look up. Again i just wanted to thank all you guys, so thanks.