November 9, 2008

Sourcebook: Ruth Thorne Thomsen, Lori Nix, Mcfarlene Toys

I think i might want to give miniature photography a shot as a project for winter term, when I first saw some of the work by Lori Nix and Ruth Thorne Thomsen...i dunnno...its like all these possibilities hit me. I mean, you could construct complete fantasy--what you could do is completely limitless. So here are some by the two photographers, and then some more shots o McFarlene Toys (the guy who created spawn), who employs a photographer that does a similar thing to advertise the products, but what you end up with are these really cool, morbid, gothic, sci-fi horror creatures that look nightmarish, but somehow real becaue of the similar style to Nix and Thomsen.