December 17, 2008

Fifth Project: Moths

This project was kind of a big experiment for me—first time using medium format film, first time developing color, and first time trying out multiple exposures. Originally, I was inspired by looking at a lot of fantasy and renaissance-style interpretations of Myths, and then as it progressed by a kind of circus freak show idea. I used NC400 color medium format film, took multiple exposures of each model on each frame, scanned it in, and manipulated the colors to get the blue hue. I wanted to take a bit of a risk, I feel like I tried to do too much and I’m not sure what I may have ended up with. I guess I’m curious as to what others see as uniting these photos or a theme or something?

Fourth Project: Side Deck

a lot of people expressed a lot of interest in seeing the photos i didnt include as part of my showing, so here are some of the best of those. I fucking loved doing this project. I hope it shows.

Fourth Project: Marked Hands (Persona)

In Hardcore, shorter, faster, louder rules. It’s about being fed up with the standards of the past, being angry with the state of the present, and being idealistic about the prospects of the future. Kids come to these shows to scream their lungs out and sweat and bleed. They come to show aggression, positivity, anger, energy. At the end of the night, maybe you get picked up by your parents or drive back in an overfull carload of friends, or maybe you go back in an ambulance. In Hardcore, its all part of the show, of the life. You are part of the music. You are part of the community. I wanted to capture the energy, anger, idealism, and community of the Hardcore scene, and the people who are part of it.

The Bands: Have Heart, Ceremony, Let Down, Ruiner, Blacklisted

Third Project: Cold Cuts (Emulation)

Starting off this project, I was dead sure I was going to try to emulate this portrait photographer named Jake Chessum, who had these really humanizing photos of people and especially celebrities, but the Evidence photos kind of threw me. I started coming up with all these cool ideas that could make for some cool photos, so I thought I’d go for it. Originally, I was going to try to do both, but with midterms that turned out to be a little unrealistic. But I went exploring, wrote down some places that might look perfect at night, and ended up sneaking into a closed park, and using some back alleys and parking lots. I shot with 3200 film, a tripod, a flash with the diffuser on, clothing from the antique store, and Hershey’s chocolate sauce.

Second Project: Raging Nights (Mapping)

For this project, i wanted to map a sense of time, or our perceptions of a certain time. Many of us think of the "Raging 20's" as this kind of Noir-ish gangland, due to the popularity of the film genre in culture, and i wanted to capture and map that Noir-ish feeling with clothes and props reminiscent of the period.

First Project: Broing Out

Here are some photos from the first week or so of college of friends just broing.