December 17, 2008

Fourth Project: Marked Hands (Persona)

In Hardcore, shorter, faster, louder rules. It’s about being fed up with the standards of the past, being angry with the state of the present, and being idealistic about the prospects of the future. Kids come to these shows to scream their lungs out and sweat and bleed. They come to show aggression, positivity, anger, energy. At the end of the night, maybe you get picked up by your parents or drive back in an overfull carload of friends, or maybe you go back in an ambulance. In Hardcore, its all part of the show, of the life. You are part of the music. You are part of the community. I wanted to capture the energy, anger, idealism, and community of the Hardcore scene, and the people who are part of it.

The Bands: Have Heart, Ceremony, Let Down, Ruiner, Blacklisted

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